Taking pictures of you and the one you love does probably not happen that often. I think every love story deserves epic images. You don´t need to be in a white dress or a suit to get pictures with your partner. Lets make it happen! We’ll find a place that is special to you, it can be a place that is close to your heart or a place you’ve always wanted to go. Bring your partner, I will bring my camera and we can make some magic!



Yes!!! You are getting married! Congratulations! The list of things to arrange is long and the photographer is a one of the most important things. When the party is over and the confetti has been swooped away all that is left is the dress, rings and the memories. Getting the photographer that is the right match for you is vital. So lets about what you want from your images and what you expect from your photographer. Lets also talk money, I am sure we can find a package that suits you.