ATT VÄLJA VEM SOM SKA FÖREVIGA ER STORA DAG ÄR INTE LÄTT och det finns mycket att tänka på. en av de viktigaste sakerna är enligt mig att ni gillar bildstilen. ta en titt runt på min sida och hör av er om ni gillar vad ni ser. hej så länge!

det handlar om er!


Taking pictures of couples makes me ridiculously happy. As a photographer to be able to pick up the little things that you do to show love that otherwise would be left undocumented warms my heart. During the workshop on Gotland me and my then boyfriend acted as models for the workshop. It made me warm and tingly inside to see that our love was visible for others to see. The look we gave each other could be saved in an image forever.

What I aim to do with my pictures is to make you see what I see. I want you to feel that you could almost touch the love if you were to reach out and touch the image. I want someone who wasn’t there to see what I saw when I saw those two people in love.


kärlek är som glass (jag älskar glass)






vad säger mina tidigare par?